Drive training

So out of interest, I looked up drives to see what my books say are inherent/instinctual. As far as I can tell the only drives that are instinctual are things like primary reinforcers. That of course implies that anything else is a secondary reinforcer and therefore is learned.

That begs the question: are "prey drive" and "pack drive" just other flashy phrases people like to throw around? I often feel like for every time someone says, my dog is like THIS because he's a CERTAIN BREED it makes me eyes twitch (same for the excuses as for what a dog can't do). Isn't it enough to just say my dog can or cant do (X behavior).

The thing is, as far as I'm concerned evidence of this doesn't exist unless the genetics for "drives" are mapped ( and yes, things like aggression, bonding ability, and OCD have been mapped if I remember correctly, so I think it CAN be done). Let's consider all the other things that can affect developmental behavior:

1. Rearing bitches and their training, nutrition, rearing ability, mother skills
2. Owners and their level of knowledge of handling, unintentionally reinforced behaviors by owners ("oh look, fluffy s already stalking at 5 weeks old! AW!"),
3. Nutrition, training, developmental rate, healthy usage and pruning of nuerons
4. Anything environmental, socialization, exposure, and even climate
5. IMPRINTING! Also the reason why dos are "known" to recognize their own, prefer familiar breed oriented play, and gravitate towards others that share similar features and relative eye level.

Um, work beckons now. More thinkingthonking later.

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 Yep, my membership in balancedtrainer  didn't last very long (not intentionally). It also somehow ended up with me "taking pot shots" against someones service dog when I didn't know they had a dog or a service dog and I wasn't talking to that person about their dog.... ? I was comparing the behavior of long, old working breed lines vs. a dog of unknown parentage and apparently that was insulting (how exactly when I was trying to make the point that a dog is a dog is a dog therefore all on level playing field?)

The masses*** are angry. 

Also, damn. The masses need to open a book sometime. 

And maybe a bottle of xanax. 

*** by masses I mean the three mods and a single comment from one other member. Popular clan.

raw feed animals can't do therapy work.

I was looking at Delta Society' website to see if they accepted other animals or just dogs can across this interesting little bit of information: After careful consideration of known scientific facts, and on the unanimous advice of the Delta Society Medical Advisory Group, who reviewed and took under advisement recommendations made by experts in animal-assisted interventions, infection control, public health, and veterinary medicine from Canada and the United States, the Board of Directors voted to preclude animals eating raw protein foods from participating in Delta Society’s Pet Partners program. This was a phased program beginning in mid May, with complete compliance structured to be in place by June 30, 2010. This policy affects all Pet Partners, regardless of species or breed.

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I'm starting to really dislike dog sports.
*gasp* TEH HORROR.

Is livejournal losing it's fun? I've had this journal since 2004 and it does seem to go through its highs and lows. This might be a low. I still read my friends' list about once a day (see dudes, I love ya).  But shamefully, I spend most of my net time (which isn't much these days) on

It's a fiber art community and lol, I make dog-related and bunny-related drama there apparently. Ok, only once...or twice...

Yesterday I gathered up the dog and the boyfriend and went to work at a local organic heirloom farm in exchange for food.

Mmm, and more in the fridge (obviously lemons and limes were purchased elsewhere).  You like my little market basket? I got it for free at a thrift store. :D